Apple and Cherry Pud

Cooked Apple and Cherry Pud

A pud inspired by a recipe from Pioneer Woman. I made a few changes - not that was anything at all wrong with hers, of course - but I didn't have any pecan nuts, only had soured cherries and I was going to make an Apple Crumble so those apples still had to be used up!

This sticky, sweet pudding is just the sort of comfort food we all need sometimes and with snow on the ground again it's the perfect day for indulging.
Apple Cherry Cake Recipe

Apple and Cherry Cake Recipe

1. First drain the cherries and chop the apples. Grease a pie dish - mine is 11 ins x 8 ins. Oven on to 160° C. 2. I used a wooden spoon to mix the sugar into the butter. (See note at the end) When it was combined I added the egg and gave it a good mixing.
First 4 Steps for Apple and Cherry Pud

First 4 Steps for Apple and Cherry Pud

3.  Then I alternately added the flour and milk a bit at a time til it was like batter. Gently fold in the drained cherries and diced apples.
Second 4 Steps for Apple and Cherry Pud

Second 4 Steps for Apple and Cherry Pud

4. Pour it into the dish and cook for about 35 mins depending on your oven . It's done when it's firm(ish) on the top. Maybe 5 - 10 mins longer. 5. While the puds cooking make the sauce by combining all the ingredients in a small saucepan. Bring it to the boiling and simmer quite hard until it is reduced by a half.
Heating Up Slowly Reduced Sauce
Cooked Apple and Cherry Pud Cover with the Sauce
6. When the cakes cooked pour some of the hot sauce over it. Serve with the rest of the sauce, custard, cream or all of them!

Note: For this recipe I don't use my mixer - it mixes easily if the butter's soft to begin with. The last time I used the mixer for a recipe similar at stage one I ended up with butter and sugar everywhere it shouldn't have been and spent the next hour cleaning walls, floors and hair!

So for this recipe this is redundant ..... x

Redundant Mixer

Redundant Mixer

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