BBQ Chicken Tortillas

Finished Chicken Tortillas

I had these to eat as 'finger food' at an open air fete last summer and have made them on and off ever since - they make a change from the fajitas I normally cook if I have tortillas. Haute cuisine this is not but it is a fun meal to have on Saturday nights when you want something a bit different.

If you don't like (or fancy) the pineapple with these just leave it out, it's not necessary and you can add pepper and/or onion if you want. I didn't but only because I couldn't be bothered. I will next time ..... promise.


Recipe for Chicken Tortilla
  • 1. Flatten the chicken breast and sprinkle with a Mexican type seasoning - I used Taco seasoning. Put the chicken on a hot griddle type pan and add a little more seasoning. After 5 minutes turn the chicken over and again sprinkle some more seasoning. Continue to cook until cooked all the way through but 12 -15 minutes should be plenty of time. Brush some BBQ sauce over the chicken a couple of minutes before the end of cooking.
  • 2. Grate loads of cheese and slice the chicken when it's cooled a bit. Chop or slice an onion/pepper and drain some pineapple, if using. Add some BBQ sauce.
  • 3. Heat a small amount of butter in a heavy pan and quickly warm the tortillas on each side just until they puff up. Stack them as you go and keep covered with foil.
  • 4. The creative bit next. Put some cheese, chicken and whatever else you're going to use onto a tortilla.
  • 5. Top with another tortilla and put into the pan, cook at a medium temperature until the cheese melts, turn it over for a couple of minutes and that's it. Done ..... simple.
Finished Chicken Tortillas

♡ Cut in triangles and serve with soured cream, pickled chilis and a green salad. ♡

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