Spicy Bean Burgers

Spicy Bean Burger

So what are you giving up for Lent this year? Giving up meat is way too easy for me as I don't eat much of it anyway but Lent is still a good excuse for posting up some vegetarian recipes. These spicy burgers aren't the best I've ever made but if you're in a bit of a hurry they're quick and easy to do ..... Keep popping back for more tasty burgers with not a scrap of meat in sight!

Spicy Bean Burgers

Serves 2

  • Small onion chopped fine
  • Fresh chili - any type
  • 1 dessertsp. best olive oil
  • 14 oz. can red kidney beans - rinsed and drained well
  • 2 ozs. wholemeal breadcrumbs
  • 1 tablesp. sweet chili sauce
  • Fresh ground black pepper
  1. Heat the olive oil in a small pan and gently fry the onion and chili for 5 minutes.
  2. Mash the kidney beans with a potato masher - keep it fairly coarse.
  3. Mix the breadcrumbs, beans, onion, chili and chili sauce together.
  4. Shape into 4 burgers and leave in the fridge if time allows.
  5. Either cook in the oven (190°C) on a parchment-lined baking tray for 25 minutes (spray lightly on both sides) or fry in a lightly sprayed frying pan for 6-8 minutes on each side.
  6. These are nice served in wholemeal rolls with salad, salsa and soured cream (or low fat quark) or with oven roasted wedges.

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..... better served in rolls with the salsa and flavoured sour cream though ;~)


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