Homemade Breads

Homemade_bread I often make bread but not the old-fashioned way of doing it.  I used to make it the 'proper' way but now I find I don't have the patience for all that kneading and resting.  Nowadays I just chuck everything into the bread machine and push the button.  I thought it would be handy to note the breads I've been making recently - I might remember the different flavour combinations now but I won't in a month's time! 
  •  Variations on the basic bread settings for my bread machine.   
  1. Cinco de Mayo    - 1/3 cup of sweetcorn, 2 tablesps. chopped green chilis, 1 teasp. jalapenos, 1/2 cup polenta, 1 teasp. cumin.
  2. Chili Cheese (1)  - 50 grams strong grated cheddar, 1 small red onion, 2 hot chilis, chopped, 2 teasps. chili powder.
  3. Chili Cheese (2)  - 50 grams strong grated cheddar, 2 hot chilis, 2 teasps. hot chili powder.
  4. Raisin                    - 1/2 cup raisins, 1 teasp. cinnamon.
  5. Oatmeal                - 1 tablesp. honey, 1/4 cup rolled oats, 2 teasps. poppy seeds.
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